Ashley Baumann

Ashley Baumann portrait, a person wearing a black and white patterned shirt with an open black blazer. Ashley has long brown wavy hair parted to one side and their hair tucked behind one ear. Ashley is facing forward and smiling with visible teeth and has two dimples. Ashley has light to medium skin tones and is front of a grey background.

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Ashley Baumann earned her BA in psychology at Minnesota State University (2019), Mankato and her Master of Arts in Psychological Science (experimental track) at University of Minnesota, Duluth (2022). Ashley is working full-time as a Research Professional at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. Her research interests include complementary and alternative therapies for mental health as well as overall data analysis. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, working on paint by numbers, reading, and cooking.

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Lab logo, which comprises the words "Mind-Body Trauma Care" written in gently-slanted, black front layered on top of overlapping off-gray, almond-shaped, intersecting petals that form an abstract lotus flower