Linda Zheng

Linda Zheng portrait, a person wearing a black jumpsuit and beige cardigan, black hair parted in the middle and extending a few inches past her shoulders, covering both ears. Linda is facing forward, smiling with visible teeth, crossing her arms, standing next to a fake plant, has East Asian skin tones, and is in front of a solid beige background.

Postgraduate Research Assistant and Postgraduate Research Mentor

Linda Zheng 🔈 (she/her) is a Postgraduate Research Assistant and Mentor for the Mind-Body Trauma Care Lab and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth in the Master of Arts in Psychological Science program (clinical/counseling track). Her Plan B/thesis-equivalent project focused on early maladaptive schemas and coping responses after childhood maltreatment at a child advocacy center. She currently provides psychotherapy to adolescents and adults at Collaboration for Psychological Wellness, as she works toward becoming a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Her practice attracts clients who are navigating adoption traumas, interpersonal and intergenerational traumas, mood disorders, relationship challenges, codependency, and self-esteem difficulties. Outside of service, she enjoys spending time outdoors, drawing, music, cooking, yoga, and reading.

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