Reese Wilcox

Reese Wilcox, a person wearing a multi-colored sweater and dark-wash jeans, sits in a chair in a cafe holding a hot cup of coffee. She has chin-length, red hair and European American skin tones. There is a white wall with a closed, white door in the background.

Graduate Research Assistant

Reese Wilcox 🔈 (she/they) is earning her Master's of Psychological Sciences in the Clinical-Counseling track. They are interested in eating disorders, trauma-informed care, and the path to recovery after a traumatic event. 

She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls with a Major in Psychology, a minor in Gender Studies, and an emphasis in Social Justice. Reese worked at The Emily Program for a year and a half prior to becoming a student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth which is where their interest in eating disorders originated.

Projects: Trauma-sensitive yoga and dialectical behavioral therapy for eating disorders

Lab logo, which comprises the words "Mind-Body Trauma Care" written in gently-slanted, black front layered on top of overlapping off-gray, almond-shaped, intersecting petals that form an abstract lotus flower