Sutapa Goswami

Sutapa Goswami portrait, a person wearing a dark blue floral top with dark, long hair parted to one side, length is extending halfway down torso. Sutapa is facing forward, smiling with visible teeth with her head tilting towards the left side on the photo. She has South Asian skin tones, and is in front of a colourful background with light decorations on the ceiling behind her.

Affiliate Research Assistant

Sutapa Goswami 🔈 recently graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology (with Honours) from the University of Delhi, India. She harbours a keen research interest in understanding the impact of early-life stress and traumatic adversity on the socio-emotional development of children and adolescents. Through pursuing a career in research (as well as clinical practice), she intends to integrate mind-body contemplative practices from the east with the traditional biomedical models to foster a more holistic approach towards psychotherapeutic treatments. Apart from school, she is trained in Kathak (an Indian classical dance form) for 8 years, and enjoys reading, peaceful walks/runs in nature, and music.

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