Rachel Willhite

Rachel Willhite portrait, a person wearing a long, orange, thin-strapped dress and a red beaded choker necklace with long red hair that falls down the back and front bangs that fall just above the eyebrows. Rachel is holding a white cat with brown spots. He is laying on his back and looking up at Rachel, she is looking down at him with a small smile, no teeth showing. She has slightly tanned white skin and is standing on an apartment balcony with trees and grass in the background.

Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant

Rachel Willhite graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Psychology as well as her Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Mathematics. She currently works remotely for a market research insight company called EthniFacts. She hopes to further her education and obtain her PhD in Clinical/Experimental Psychology. Rachel is an Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant for the Mind-Body Trauma Care Lab and hopes to gain insight into different research areas in preparation of graduate school. 

In the past, Rachel has studied psychological safety in the workplace, implicit theories of relationships, as well as assisted in a positive psychology meta-analysis. She has an extensive background in data analysis & statistical methods. Her research interests include improving mental health care, mood disorders, trauma recovery, dream analysis, and the healing properties of psychedelic drugs. She enjoys yoga, reading, cats, traveling, and bowling. 


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